How To Survive A Solo Camping Trip

Is Solo Camping Safe?

Almost everyone I know loves a good camping trip. Time spent in the great outdoors among friends is something you just can’t beat as an adventurer. But what if you were forced to camp alone? Could you still enjoy yourself? How safe would you feel and why would you do it anyway? These are some of the questions I had to ask myself before I set out on my first solo camping trip. If your thinking of going camping alone you definitely want to read this. I’ll show you how I survived camping in the great outdoors on my own. I’ll also share a few horror stories about solo campers that will spook you into being more aware of your surroundings!

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How To Avoid Death In The Grand Canyon

Death in Grand Canyon

Most people who visit the Grand Canyon are so excited by the parks breathtaking views they forget just how dangerous this place can be. As they peer over the edge of the cliffs from thousands of feet above they’ll innocently question “I wonder how many people have fallen from up here?” The fact of the matter is too many people have perished in the Grand Canyon unnecessarily. Many of these deaths could have been avoided by simply using common sense. However, some deaths were a result of bad luck or bad timing. The Grand Canyon is a beautiful place where you can enjoy a leisurely family vacation or a tough rugged adventure. In either case, there are certain risks you should be aware of in order to keep everyone on your trip safe from harm and avoid any possibilities of becoming another one of the canyons unfortunate fatalities.

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Hiking The Bright Angel Trail In Grand Canyon

Plateau Point in Grand Canyon

Hiking in the Grand Canyon is not easy, but if you’re dead set on checking this off your bucket list, you might want to start by hiking the Bright Angel Trail. After all, it is considered one of the safest and best trails in all of Grand Canyon National Park! My plan was exactly that…to hike from the South Rim down to Indian Gardens and back. However, in this land of extremes I would wind up getting more than I bargained for. Here is my experience and some important tips on how you too can successfully complete this trail and make it back alive!

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Backpacking In Channel Islands National Park

Backpacking on Santa Cruz Island

The Channel Islands have always been a bit of a mystery to me. I’m aware it’s a popular destination for kayakers going on sea cave adventures, but that’s really all I knew about this remote National Park. When I had been invited by a coworker to go on an overnight backpacking trip to Santa Cruz Island, I jumped at the chance. Not only would I be able to practice backpacking, something I haven’t done nearly enough of, but I would finally get to explore the islands off the coast of California that have for so long filled me with curiosity and wonder.

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Exploring The Dunes And Canyons Of Death Valley

Sand Dunes of Death Valley

Welcome to part two of our two-day visit in Death Valley, CA. There was so much for us to do and we only had one full day left so we set out early to try to squeeze in as many activities as possible before the sun retreated. We began by visiting a slot canyon a few hours north of Furnace Creek. While driving by, we saw vast yellow sand dunes and decided to explore those next. Finally we planned on driving south on Badwater Road to attempt a 2.5 mile roundtrip hike through ridiculously colored badlands. We packed our backpacks, grabbed as much water as we could carry and headed out.

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The Geological Wonders Of Death Valley

Death Valley Badwater Basin

When a friend recommended I should take a trip to Death Valley National Park, I was like eh…ok sure. Not really enthused and with low expectations, my crew of adventurers and I traveled to what I thought would be a barren and desolate location for the weekend. Instead I was amazed at how alive and colorful the desert can be. There is so much scenic landscape to explore, so many trails to hike, so much history to learn and an unending amount of photographic opportunities.

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Hiking The Majestic Yosemite Falls

Hike To Yosemite Falls

Some people think if you’ve seen one waterfall, you’ve seen them all. Well I beg to differ. If you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the majesty of Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park, then you know what I’m talking about. At 2,425 feet in elevation, Yosemite Falls is the tallest waterfall in North America. And it is awesome! The power of the falls can be felt from the trail at the base where most people can take gorgeous pictures. However, if your feeling adventurous, you can hike to the very top of the falls! That’s what we did on a couple of occasions, once when the waterfall was flowing strong and another time when the waterfall was bone dry. I’ll describe both of those experiences for you and show you some pointers so you can reach the top too!

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Getting Vertical Hiking Angels Landing In Zion National Park

Angels Landing in Zion NP

WHOA! If you wind up hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park, I guarantee you will repeat this phrase more than once. And I’ll tell you why. Because Angels Landing has some of the most amazing and mind-blowing drop-offs on both sides of the trail up to the summit. How steep is it? Let’s just say this is NOT a hike for anyone with a fear of heights. If you look over the edge you might get a touch of vertigo. Than what the heck was I doing hiking it? I have a slight fear of heights, but my curiosity for new hiking experiences will usually trump my fears. Angels Landing is one of the best trails in the US and one of the most adventurous hikes in Zion National Park and I did not want to miss out.

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Boulder Scrambling in Joshua Tree National Park

Boulder scrambling in Joshua Tree

Boulders! Lots and lots of boulders. Huge round sandstone objects that come in endless interesting shapes and sizes. Some are small and some are gigantic. They come in all shades of colors like red, pink, grey and even yellow. Some are stacked one on top of another and some sit quietly by themselves. Where oh where could one find a place with boulders like this? In Joshua Tree National Park that’s where you’ll find them. Oh and the best thing is that you can climb all over them to your hearts content! Just like a little kid on a playground gym. Under, over, around and through! Come with me, I’ll show you.

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