Getting Vertical Hiking Angels Landing In Zion National Park

Angels Landing in Zion NP

WHOA! If you wind up hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park, I guarantee you will repeat this phrase more than once. And I’ll tell you why. Because Angels Landing has some of the most amazing and mind-blowing drop-offs on both sides of the trail up to the summit. How steep is it? Let’s just say this is NOT a hike for anyone with a fear of heights. If you look over the edge you might get a touch of vertigo. Than what the heck was I doing hiking it? I have a slight fear of heights, but my curiosity for new hiking experiences will usually trump my fears. Angels Landing is one of the best trails in the US and one of the most adventurous hikes in Zion National Park and I did not want to miss out.

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Surviving The Half Dome Challenge

Half Dome in Yosemite, CA

Hiking to the top of Half Dome is definitely a bucket list adventure that can be accomplished by the average hiker. All it takes is planning, maybe some endurance training, and a whole lot of mental motivation. Caution! This is an extremely difficult hike that will challenge your physical abilities. That being said, it is still extremely doable and an incredible experience to accomplish. In this story I’ll guide you through some first hand knowledge to help you make it to the top successfully!

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