ATV Riding in Jawbone Canyon

Would I like to try riding dirt bikes and ATV’s in the desert? Hell yeah! Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate someone’s birthday. We gathered some friends, headed out to a place called Jawbone Canyon and rented vehicles for the day. Things were going great, that is, until we got stuck on top of a super steep dirt hill. Keep reading to find out how we made it down and how you too can enjoy a day of safe ATV riding. Continue Reading →

Plan A Snowboarding Trip To Park City Utah

Park City Utah

Utah has “The Greatest Snow on Earth.” That’s a pretty damn bold statement to make but in 1985 it was stamped on every single Utah license plate. In fact they still stick by that mantra so of course I had to test it out for myself. The only way to do so would be to plan a snowboarding weekend trip to Park City Utah to see if there was anything magical about their snow that could warrant such a bold claim.

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Gearing Up For Winter Snowshoeing

Snowshoe Gear

The latest winter storm has brought new snow which means snowshoeing season has officially begun! It’s time to prep your gear to make sure you’re ready for the season. If you’re curious about what gear you need to begin the sport of snowshoeing then read on. We’ll cover all the basics to get you confident and ready to get out there and have some fun.

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Learning How To Snowshoe With REI

Snowshoeing with REI

So you’re an expert snowboarder, you’ve tried skiing, and you don’t have access to a snowmobile. What else could you possibly do to enjoy the snow? What about learning how to snowshoe? I know, when I first thought about trying it, I was like, “Is that even fun? Seems like a lot of work”. But let me tell you, snowshoeing can be an incredible amount of fun and a totally new way to enjoy the beauty of the winter season.

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