Running With The Dog Sledding Pack

Enjoy Dog Sledding in Whistler

Sometimes a great adventure can be the result of a totally spontaneous decision. Like when my brother Gabe decided to skip his second day of snowboarding in Whistler, British Columbia and instead try a day of dog sledding. He had tired himself out the previous day and decided to head to the village for some much needed relaxation. Although there are over 200 shops in the Whistler Village, Gabe has never been much of a shopper. He wandered around until he came across a kiosk in the village that had brochures advertising dog sledding tours. Willing to give it a try, he signed up and wound up experiencing an incredible and truly Canadian adventure.

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What To Do If You See A Bear While Hiking

Bear encounter

Let’s face it. The more you hike in the great outdoors, the more likely you are to have an encounter with a bear. Knowing what to do is a crucially important survival skill. Most of the time an encounter with a bear will be brief and harmless if you know what to do, but too often I’ve heard people made bad decisions that have resulted in tragedy. I’ll share with you some of my own experiences and a few unfortunate stories so we can learn together how to handle these situations safely.

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