Attend Carpinteria’s Annual Avocado Festival

Avocado Festival Carpinteria

I love avocados! Especially when part of a sandwich, salad, and of course tacos. I had heard that you can sample all kinds of foods with avocados at the annual California Avocado Festival. If your feeling particularly brave you can try avocado ice cream! Well, that sounds disgusting but could be delicious, maybe? At the least it sounded like a foodie challenge I did not want to pass up. Apparently every October the quiet beachside town of Carpinteria comes to life with music and festivities to celebrate the importance of the avocado.

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Set Sail At The Tall Ships Festival

Tall Ships Festival at Dana Point

Ahoy Mateys! So…Ye want t’ be a pirate aye (or at least be able to sail like one?) Well you can do both at the annual Tall Ships Festival in Dana Point, CA. Every September, the Ocean Institute and the city of Dana Point gives ordinary landlubbers a chance to climb aboard several old-fashioned sailing vessels. If your feeling particularly adventurous you can sail onboard a tall ship during the mock cannon battles at sea or take a sunset cruise. Stroll along the festival grounds where you can meet pirates, enjoy music and entertainment, and shop for unique pirate plunder. Fill up on some tasty festival food and then prepare for the timed cannon blasts off the end of the pier. With so much to see and do, the Tall Ships Festival is a guaranteed good time for everyone. I’ll give you a few extra tips to make your trip even better!

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