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Try Indoor Skydiving In Las Vegas

Indoor Skydiving

It’s a bird. It’s a plane! Nope, it’s just another customer having fun at Vegas Indoor Skydiving. You too can feel what it’s like to fly like a bird as the wind whips your face into a permanent smile. But is it safe? Will I be able to fly the first time I try it? What if I get scared? These are all the questions I had when I decided to try indoor skydiving for the first time.

Indoor Skydiving
Geared up for indoor skydiving

OMG. These costumes are absolutely ridiculous. And those googles on our faces make us look straight-up goofy. But these are the required outfits for us to participate in an afternoon session of indoor skydiving. I did think about trying real skydiving once, but my fear of heights has so far kept me grounded. So when one of my friends asked me if I’d like to give indoor skydiving a try I said, “Hell yeah!” It’s got to be easier than real skydiving right? Uh, right?

Training for Indoor Skydiving
Practicing the proper skydiving position

I had lots of questions at first, but they were all answered by our instructors at Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Each of us were shown how to assume the correct flight position to achieve the maximum height when in the wind tunnel room. WIND TUNNEL ROOM? I know it sounds like something that could chop you up into a thousand pieces. But fear not. They promised it was actually very safe.

Suited up for Indoor Skydiving
Helmets on and ready to go

Just when I thought those costumes couldn’t get any more ridiculous. We look like a gang of reject superheros. But after our short training session, we were confident that this flight gear would keep us safe when we began to fly.

Indoor Skydiving
Lots of padded walls in the skydiving chamber

We entered a 12 foot wide circular room. The walls were lined with large blue padding and there was a soft platform all around the edge for us to stand on. Right there beneath the center of the room was a powerful wind turbine engine. Of course there was a tough metal netting above it that would prevent us from falling into the electric motor and propeller. This whole room was a giant wind tunnel.

Indoor Skydiving
Preparing for the big blast of wind

I watched a few of my friends fly first and then it was my turn. I started out lying on the ground with my arms stretched out just like we had practiced earlier. The engine was turned off till I was ready. Then as the propeller began to turn, I felt an incredibly strong blast of wind begin to lift my body off the ground.

Indoor Skydiving
Flying high in the wind turbine

Holy crap! I’m flying! The instructor stands on the ground and guides you into proper position when you begin floating in the air. The cool thing is he was there the entire time incase you drift off to the side or have trouble keeping in the flying position. Indoor skydiving can only be compared with real skydiving in the way the wind feels as it hits your face and body. The wind literally blows the skin of your cheeks back. It’s almost impossible not to smile while doing it. The thing indoor skydiving does not have is the adrenaline rush or sensation of falling that you would experience in real skydiving. But that was perfectly okay with me.

Towards the end of my turn I began to float higher and higher. I’ve heard people that have more experience can actually float all the way to the top of the 22 foot high ceiling. My instructor helped me to spin mid-air which was really fun. After the engine was shut down we all gathered together in our ridiculous outfits to give each other high fives on another successful adventure completed.

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